Embrace the Void III, Limited Edition Print

Embrace the Void III, Limited Edition Print

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Signed & numbered limited edition print, with a certificate of authenticity.
Fine art quality, vibrantly printed on matte paper.

This item will ship free in the US, safely in a clean, plastic, sealed sleeve, inside a stiff mailer.

Slight cropping may occur depending on size of print.


The Moon…she goes into her darkness and comes out beautifully illuminating the dark night. In her burial into the night sky, we are forced to surrender to her void leaving us with trust, intuition, and a deep excavation of who we are.

When we are in the void, the only way out is stillness. There is nothing to do while time moves and divinity works around us. Over time we gain this wisdom…we remember, and the instability of forcing our way through the void melts away into a beautiful dance I refer to as the ebb & flow of life.

If you are finding yourself in some sort of void right now, take a deep breath, release all of that tension, do it again, and let…go of the fight. Just be where you are. I promise you are going to be ok. And I promise the “answers” you are so desperately clawing for, exhausting yourself for, they will come in good time. Don’t waste your days living in fear and searching for the future. Just be here. Right here, in today. Embrace t o d a y <3

The moon in the work of course represents the void, the sage is a symbol of our wisdom required to move through the void, and she is us.